Monday, 23 July 2012

Cult Nails Captivated and a-england Camelot

I have for you today a random mani I came up with when was trying out Captivated - an orange and gold glitter in a orange/red jelly base -, I was originally just going to wear it alone but decided to shake it up a little.

For this mani I used 1 coat of the Knight, 1 of Captivated, 1 of Camelot over the tips of my nails, then another coat of Captivated and 1 coat of the Shield to finish it off.  As Camelot was painted on freehand and with the bumpiness of the glitter the lines aren't perfect but this was much less noticeable in 'real life' than it is in these pictures.

Cult Nails can be purchased from the official site here and a-england here on the official site or from Llarowe.

Thanks for looking <3 xxx


  1. Oooh this looks gorguz! Why oh why do I not have any Cult nail polish's?! Need to rectify this asap ;) Also hun, just wanted to ask if you don't mind, how long roughly did it take for you to receive your a-england polish's?

    Love Aysh xoxo

    1. Thank you love, you need to get some Cult in your life, I don't regret any of the ones I have bought and there are more I really want to. Adina is normally really quick with her shipping, I know she will be busier during promos etc but after shipping I normally get my package in a few days, and I'm in Scotland :D xxx

  2. totally loved this mani! Such a good idea! I´ll try it next time I paint my nails!


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