Saturday, 1 September 2012

a-england Gothic Beauties Collection

Today I have for you all something I am so excited to share.

Anyone who knows me or this blog knows of my love affair with a-england, and the newest collection Gothic Beauties is no exception.

This collection was born with the classic a-england Camelot in mind, which in my opinion is the perfect black and one of my all time favourite polishes.

The Gothic Beauties is a collection of 5 secretly shimmering polishes and each one is inspired by a classic piece of English literature.

Here are a few group shots and also individual shots of each shade in the bottle, of course you will be seeing all of them in their full beauty soon.

In order we have Ophelia, Lady of Shalott, Dorian Gray, Tess D'Ubervilles and Jane Eyre.


Lady of Shalott

Dorian Gray

Tess D'Ubervilles

Jane Eyre

You can click on these pictures to make them bigger to see the pretties in more detail and my thanks go to Adina for bringing us yet another stunning collection.

You can order at the moment by emailing but these will hopefully be on the a-england site and Llarowe soon.  You can also still pick up The Mythicals and the Legends from the a-england site or Llarowe too.

Thanks for looking <3


  1. fab..cant wait until i own these xx

  2. Rebecca these are amazing pics (despite the challenging dark colours). Truly magnificent. Thank you xx

  3. These look so amazing! I'm excited! A-England has nailed it again!

  4. I am so excited for these!! xo

  5. These look so fabulous, I'm practically jumping with joy! Made my order yesterday for one of each and I'm so excited! Please do some swatches asap Rebecca xx

  6. Mine are paid for. Just have to wait impatiently now.

  7. Cannot wait to see swatches - I am loving the shades here. I only have 2 A-Englands 'cause in the US hard to come by - will look at Llarowe. Lady and Dorian are killin' me.


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