Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Polish Days Sentimental Polish (feat a-england)

And here we are again, Polish Days.  Thanks again to the lovely Hannah of Polly Polish for putting this all together.  Octobers theme is Sentimental Polish which Hannah was nice enough to let us interpret in our own way, but using her words here is the idea behind it 'maybe there is one polish that started it all, a polish you went through hell and high water to get your paws on, some nail art that reminds you of someone you love, or simply a polish that you would return to a burning building to rescue'

I decided to go with the 'one polish that started it all' theme, but not the first polish that started my collection, the first polish that gave me the push I needed to start my blog.

Before I discovered a-england, my collection was almost exclusively Nails Inc but a-england was a very welcome discovery to me and made the thought that had been at the back of my head about wanting to start a blog jump right to the front.

Now this wasn't the first a-england to be featured on my blog, but it was the first one I purchased, Lady of the Lake.  Now after much thought I decided just to show you the Lady again alone, even though you have seen her here, and many other places, one more post on such a beauty can't hurt.

So here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Lady of the Lake and 1 of the Shield.

Thank you for looking and please see below for the other ladies participating in this months Polish Days.


  1. Lady of the Lake and Tristam were my very first indie polishes in my collection and I love them a lot!

  2. you're right, no matter how many times I've seen swatches of the "Lady", I never get tired of seeing her!!! It's truly beautiful!

  3. *deep sigh* This is such a beautiful color.

  4. Love this polish. And A England generally. I get what you mean re the urge to start a blog. It's just nice to have somewhere to record your manicures and your thoughts about your various polishes:)

  5. I can understand why this polish trigged your idea of starting a blog. It's beautiful!

  6. This is such a beautiful colour, and on my (long) wishlist! It's lovely to see its beauty in its simplicity. x

  7. Such a pretty color and a good switch out from wearing a lot of deep fall/winter shades. I need to wear lighter shades most of fall and early winter because I live in a 'hot' area that winter does not hit until Dec.

  8. I super like the color for it looks so classy and elegant. I will definitely grab one of this and try it out since I will be attending an evening party this weekend.

    1. I hope you love this polish as much as I do when you get it xx


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