Tuesday, 1 January 2013

a-england And The Moonbeams

Wow, 2013, Happy New Year everyone!!

For my first post of the year I thought I would show you another of the a-england Heavenly Quotes collection.

This one is called And The Moonbeams and is a shimmery golden polish, it can be worn alone or layered, and I have worn this over a few different colours and loved each combination.

As with each and every a-england polish I have tried to date this one is more complex that you think at first glance and application is easy and almost effortless.

This one was my favourite though, so here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Avalon, 1 of Moonbeams and 1 of the Shield.

a-england and the moonbeams over avalon 1

a-england and the moonbeams over avalon 2

a-england and the moonbeams over avalon 3

a-england and the moonbeams over avalon 4

a-englands can be purchased from the official site or from Llarowe.  

Thanks for looking <3

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. This is so pretty! I love it over Avalon and I'm sure it looks amazing over many polishes.

  2. I like this one - like that the glitter is so fine - it almost looks like you could get a sponged on look with the brush for the times you don't have time or want to drag out anything but a couple bottles to do your mani.

    1. Thanks, I am sure you could create many great effects with this polish xx

  3. Very beautiful. My first A-England polish is on the way and I just can't wait!


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