Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nails Inc Royal Arcade - Nail Jewellery

I have for you all today some pictures that have been sitting in my archive for a while, I have shown you the other 2 Nails Inc Jewellery polishes before but here is the first of the last 2 from the collection.

As with the previous posts I have shown you each colour over a light and a dark shade so I will do the same here.

First we have Marco Polo House which is a dark ink blue polish and 1 coat of Royal Arcade which is the sapphire jewellery.

1 NI Marco Polo House

1 NI Royal Arcade over Marco Polo House (1)

1 NI Royal Arcade over Marco Polo House (2)

Then we have Queensgate Terrace which is a cornflower blue polish and again 1 coat of Royal Arcade.

2 NI Queensgate Terrace

2 NI Royal Arcade over Queensgate Terrace  (1)

2 NI Royal Arcade over Queensgate Terrace  (2)
I was going to show you the last two polishes in the one post but decided that would be too picture heavy so will try and get the next one up tomorrow.

You can buy Nails Inc polishes from the official site, and the jewellery ones are still available there too.
Thanks for looking <3


  1. I have Royal Arcade and know how gorgeous it is in real life. Your pictures are perfect! You totally did it justice. I think it looks best over a dark color because it makes the glitter stand out.

    1. Thanks so much hun, your sweet comments made me smile :) xx

  2. Wow I need this polish!! Beautiful hun!

  3. I would like to know where one can purchase the dark ink blue polish Marco Polo House you reference in the first pic?

    1. Hi, I think this is an older NI shade, as it is no longer on their website, but you may be able to find one on ebay or something. Sorry couldn't help more x


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