Monday, 9 January 2012

Paul & Joe Kitten Claws (Spring 2012 Collection)

Today I have for you a fairly strange occurrence for me, a neutral polish, a palette cleanser you could call it.

This polish is called Kitten Claws and is from the Paul & Joe Spring 2012 collection.  There are 3 polishes in this collection and also a few other make up products based around the theme of Cats.

This theme is based around the designer, Sophie Albou's, love of cats so all of the products and names, are feline based.  The products are also a celebration of Paul & Joe's 10th Anniversary.  If you go to the Paul & Joe site here and click on the link to the Spring 2012 collection you will be able to see images of the other products. The lipsticks and blusher sticks are so cute and I may even be afraid to use them if I had them and ruin the pretty kitties.

Anyway, here is the polish I have for you, it is a soft neutral pink.  This was the first Paul & Joe nail polish I had tried, I was very pleased with the application, it was opaque in 2 smooth coats.  I was also surprised to find that once the polish has been painted on, it has a slight a floral scent to it.

Here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Kitten Claws and 1 of the Shield.

I am not really a big fan of neutral type polishes on me, or pinks really for that matter, but this is a pretty polish but I think next time I wear it I might try to spice it up with some holo or glitter, but that is probably just me, for anyone that likes this kind of colour I imagine this would be just fine on its own.

Oh and one last thing, look at the cute box the polish comes in.......

Some items from the collection can be bought from ASOS but as far as I can tell the full collection is Limited Edition and can only be purchased from stores in London (Fenwick and Harrods).

This product was sent to me for review.


  1. Oh my goodness! I wouldn't want to use the lipstick or blusher either!! lol. They're like works of art!!!!

    Anyway, the nail polish is a really pretty colour and I love the box! I think maybe Electric Lane might look quite nice over it? Or the Hits Hefesto topcoat? Or would that not work so well with them being different colours? In my head they combine well, but you know how different reality can be ;)

  2. Those two were right on the top of my list to try out as well Marie, I will let you know if I do <3 xx

  3. This color looks gorgeous on you! :)

  4. Cool :D :D I used Downing Street on NYE because it went with my dress and having seen it on here I decided to top it with Electric Lane and it looked stunning! I loved it! Not sure I'd have come up with it if I hadn't seen your post.... xx

  5. Thank you thepolishwell xx

    And I am so glad you tried (and liked) that combo too Marie <3 xx

  6. The color looks really peachy on your nails, on the website "Kitten Claws" seems more pink. I love the color on your nails!

  7. Thanks, I think some colours look different depending on skintone etc so maybe this is the case here xx


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