Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake over a-england Holy Grail

I have for you all a very pretty Lynnderella, One Nutty Fruitcake, the fact it is pretty is not unusual for one of Lynns polishes, but the amazingly unusual thing about this polish is it is made up of mostly square glitter, which is very unique in my collection.

And its not just square glitter, it is many different colours of square glitter in a few different sizes, and there is also multi coloured micro glitter running through it too.

This was the first time I had worn this polish and kind of fell in love with it, especially with Holy Grail as a base and have worn One Nutty Fruitcake another time since, and I will show you that combo in another post hopefully.

So here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Holy Grail, 2 of One Nutty Fruitcake and 1 of the Shield.

So there you have it, a pretty almost all square glitter polish.  I love this one, and am so happy to add it onto my current Lynderella polishes.

Lynderella Polishes can be purchased through Llarowe using the Wishlist system, and keep an eye on her Facebook and Website to check for updates on when the next round of Wishlists will be taken.

Thanks for looking <3 xxx

The Lynnderella polish in this post was sent to me for review.


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