Friday, 14 February 2014

Random Picture Time

Today we have something a teensy bit different from me.  I have a folder in my archive and it is made up of pictures of manis that I have maybe one picture that I felt was good enough to use but not enough for a full post but I still wanted to show you them.

So I decided why not just show you a couple at a time.

First we have Picture Polish White Wedding, topped with a-england She Walks In Beauty.

a-england she walks in beauty over picture polish white wedding

Then we have Contrary Polish Creeping Moss which I have shown you before with Dollish Polish on top but it is so pretty it needed to be shown alone too.

contrary polish creeping moss

Now we have Dandy Nails Legal Assassin over Dandy Nails Mighty Fine Print (I still love that there is a nail polish collection inspired by Repo!)

dandy nails legal assassin over mighty fine print

And last but definitely not least we have all 3 of the Dollish Polish Fire In The Night Sky Collection.  In order these are Nothern Lights, Aurora Australis and Aurora Borelis.  I have worn these 3 over black quite a few times, and am a little sad I only have mini bottles of each but here I am showing you how I last wore them which was over Colors By Llarowe Ox, couldn't decide which to wear so decided on alternate nails of each polish.

dollish polish nothern lights, aurora australis and aurora borelis over colors by llarowe ox

So how do you all like this kind of post, I still have quite a few manis like these to show off so might try and do one of these a week until the pictures are used.

Thanks for looking <3

Some polishes in the post were sent to me for review.


  1. Catching up on your posts. I'm a little behind the times, but wanted to tell you I really enjoyed this post and would love to see more of the same!

    1. Thanks so much for saying so, there will be more posts like this coming up cos I have a lot of random pictures to show :) x


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