Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Freckles Polish Christmas Collection (Winter Wonderland and You Better Not Shout)

Now I will start off this post by saying I am not a chrismassy person, I never really got the whole festive season jazz, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a pretty little Christmas polish :)

Now I showed you my first Freckles Polishes yesterday and this is 2 more from another collection, the Christmas Collection which is also launching on the 28th of this month.

Firstly I will show you Winter Wonderland which is a irridescent/flaky/glittery top coat.

Now this polish has a clear base, so can pretty much be layered over any colour but I choose to keep it simple and layer it over black and white.

First I will show you it over black which really brings out the blues in the base.  This is 1 coat of the Knight, 1 of a-england Camelot, 1 of WW and one of the Shield.

Now here it is over white, which makes the blue shimmer a lot less in your face, but does look a little ethereal, like fresh snow or something.  This is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Nails Inc Floral Street, 1 coat of WW and one of the Shield.

Then I have the second polish from the Christmas Collection to show you, this is You Better Not Shout which is a purple jelly polish with various sized holo glitters throughout.  This is 1 coat of the Knight, 3 of the polish and 1 of the Shield.

I was really impressed with both of these polishes as well, they are both different kinds of polish from the ones I showed you yesterday but application was still good so no complaints here.

Again, these will be available from the Freckles Polish Etsy site (UK only) from 28 November.

Thanks for looking <3

Some products in this post were sent to me for review.

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  1. Great topcoat! I like it! Perfect for winter nail design :)


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