Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ozotic 533 over a-england Guinevere

I have for you today the lovely Ozotic 533, which I have shown you before here over black but here is how it looks over a lighter colour, in this case I chose a-england Guinevere, - just a warning for people who click the next link - this was my very first swatch post *blushes* - so if you dare, here is Guinevere shown alone.

Now, if you are still around after that, this one was a mani I had worn months ago, and I found it filed in the wrong folder when clearing so decided to show you it now.  533 is one of the 'mish mash' Ozotics which is a multichrome holo polish and  shifts from mainly blue and purple but with hints of copper and green too.  Now this polish is amazing, but sadly is being discontinued so grab it while you can.

Here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Guinevere, 2 of 533 and 1 of the Shield.

At the time of writing this, 533 is still available on Llarowe here and as I say, it is one of many Ozotics that are being discontinued, so don't hesitate if you want this one.

You can buy a-england from official site here, or also from Llarowe.

Thanks for looking <3 xxx

The Ozotic in this post was sent to me for review.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum

I have for you today an unexpected but amazing combination.

I was wearing Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum and the next day was looking through my drawers to see what I could wear next, and I spotted my Max Factor Fantasy Fire, that I have worn before (again these manis were in with the lost photographs) and I decided to see how it would look over a lighter colour.

The purple base of Fantasy Fire turned Expecto Patronum a lovely lilacy colour, and as Fantasy Fire is quite sheer, you could still see the blue glitter through it.  The only thing I did notice, is the green shift of FF was not noticeable at all, this might have had something to do with the lighter base, as I did see it before when worn over a darker colour.

This is 2 coats of Fantasy Fire over my previous mani of Expecto Patronum (shown alone here) and 1 coat of the Shield.

Fantasy Fire is available in Boots and Superdrug and seems to be in stock on both of their sites at the time of writing this, but as far as I am aware this is limited edition and is available in the UK only.  I know even when Fantasy Fire was first released I was not able to get it in my local store or on the sites but thankfully the ever sweet Esther of FabFingertips was nice enough to send me one.

Thanks for looking <3

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum

Today I have for you all another pretty from Dollish Polish, Expecto Patronum.

I have recently received my second order from Dolly so figured should really get round to showing you the others from my first order from back in December.

Expecto Patronum, is inspired by Harry Potter, and correct me if I'm wrong but the first time I remember this spell being mentioned was in Prisoner of Askaban, now I am going on the film timeline here, as even thought I have the books sitting there, I have not managed to get round to reading them yet.

But anyway, I love the HP films, and love this polish Dolly has created based on the Patronus Charm, which is a milky white polish with different sizes of blue glitter, and a very subtle shimmer running through it too.  Looking on the Dollish Polish site and Facebook, Expecto Patronum now seems to have been reformulated with even more glitter, and from pictures I've seen the glitter looks more green than blue.  But in my opinion, both versions are super pretty.

So here you have it, with 1 coat of the Knight, 3 of Expecto Patronum and 1 of the Shield.

Dollish Polishes can be purchased from her site here, unfortunately I think quite a few items are out of stock at the moment, including Expecto Patronum but if you keep an eye on Dollys Facebook page you should get an idea of when the next re-stock will be.  Oh and also keep an eye on Dollys blog, as she will post her own swatches and sometimes also sneak peeks of new shades.

Thanks for looking <3 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Nails Inc Burlington Arcade - Nail Jewellery

Today I have for you all the very stunning Burlington Arcade from the new Nails Inc line of Nails Jewellery.

This polish is a top coat, which has small and medium holographic particles, and larger irregular shards, and is designed to be worn over any colour to add a little sparkle.  I decided to show you this polish to its full potential, I would have try it over several colours.

So here is 2 coats of Burlington Arcade over a variety of different Nails Inc polishes.  All swatches were 1 coat of the Knight, 2 coats of the colour, 2 coats of Burlington Arcade and 1 thick coat of the Shield.

Firstly here we have Burlington Arcade over Holland Park Avenue (purple), Baker Street (blue), Carnaby Street (yellow, and think this was 3 coats of this one) and Ibiza Orange (orange of course).

Next we have Burlington Arcade over Brewer Street (lime yellow/green) Oxford (light blue), Portman Close (reddish pink) and Grosvenor Gardens (green)

Then we have Burlington Arcade over Holland Park Avenue (taupe), Hampstead Gardens (mustard), De Vere Gardens (dusky pink), St Pancras (dark red).

And lastly we have Burlington Arcade over Berkeley Square (dark grey), Marco Polo House (ink blue), Fitzhardinge Street (forest green), Queensgate Mews (plum).

And there you have it, lots of different combinations to try out, and love how the shards made each nail look slightly different.

I can't wait to try this polish over even more colours, as it think it adds a great sparkle to any colour.

This polish and some of the colours in this post too, can be bought from the Nails Inc site here.  Sadly some of the polishes I have shown you might not still be available on the Nails Inc are some are older shades but something very close may be available instead.

Thanks for looking <3

Some of the polishes in this post were sent to me for review.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Cult Nails Seduction over a-england Order of the Garter

Even with the prettiness of Order of the Garter, I couldn't leave well enough alone, I picked up Seduction in my order from the first Cult Nails $5 sale, but paid the normal $10 for it as it is one of the limited edition polishes, and I wasn't going to miss out like I had with Unicorn Puke/Clairvoyant.

I hadn't used Seduction yet and thought I would make a great pair with Order of the Garter, and I was right, the pictures don't even capture how pretty it was in real life but close enough.

Seduction is a sheer purple jelly polish with red/green and blue/purple flakies that shift between the colours.  The red/green colours were much more apparent, maybe due to the blue base of the Order of the Garter.  But the jelly base of Seduction also gave Order of the Garter a little purple tinge.

Here is 2 coats of Seduction over Order of the Garter (shown alone here) and 1 coat of the Shield.

I hope you like this combo and again you can get a-englands from the official site here or Llarowe here.

And the Cult Nails polish can be bought from their official site here, but remember Seduction is limited edition, so don't miss out...

Thanks for looking <3

The a-england polish in this post was sent to me for review.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

a-england Order of the Garter

This was other of the polishes I had worn before and the pictures were lost, but that only gave me a reason to wear it again, as if I needed one really.

Order of the Garter is a stunning bright blue and is very unlike any of the other a-england polishes, from the Legends or the Mythicals as it has pretty little glass flecks running through it.

I figured now would be a great time to show you this as Order of the Garter is currently the a-england Gem of the Month but it is a sad occasion as it is the last of the Legend collection I have to show you.

So here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Order of the Garter (the first coat goes on a little thin looking but levels out perfectly opaque with the second) and no top coat, again to show you the shine without one.

Again broken record, but as usual with a-england but I love this polish so much, blues are one of my favourites to wear and this is right up the top of the list.

The Mythicals were amazing and I still reach for them on so many occasions.  They were a epic launch collection for a new brand, and the Legends only prove that things can only get better in the world of a-england....... cannot wait to see what Adina is dreaming up for us next.....

You can pick this up from the a-england site here (where Adina is also running a Jubilee promotion until the 10th June, and one of the sets includes Order of the Garter) or from Llarowe here

The product in this post was sent to me for review.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire over a-england Perceval

I have for you today the last Lynn from the package Llarowe sent me months ago.  I had held off showing you this one as I had a bit of trouble with the application of this one first time I tried to use it, but decided to try again yesterday and rolled the polish for a minute or so before applying and had no issues.

So here is the description of VPV, "Multiple sizes of burgundy hexagons and squares in a dark blood-red base with scattered black and red multi-sized accents. Suitable for any blood type."  

I took this description from Steffels blog as Lynn no longer has public access to her blog, and she describes them much better than I could.  If you are not already aware of Stefs blog you need to pay her a visit anyway, she has great swatches, and a lot of them are of Lynnderellas... and everytime I see one on her, it makes me want it even more!

Anyway, here is my mani using VPV, this is one coat of the Knight, 1 of Perceval (shown alone here) 2 coats of VPV and 2 coats of the Shield as 1 wasn't quite enough to make it smooth.

Lynnderella polishes can be ordered through Llarowe using the wishlist system, which you can find out more about on here website here, but for ease of reference here is a note about the process from the Llarowe site.

'We are not currently taking any wish lists or orders as we are filing all orders to date.  Please sign up for email alerts (left hand side bar at the bottom) to be notified when we are taking new wish lists.  See About Us page for more details.'

Thanks for looking <3

The Lynnderella polish in this post was sent to me for review.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Illamasqua Nomad and Stance

I have for you all today the two polishes from the Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism collection, Nomad which is a Bright Jade and Stance which is a Fuchsia Violet.

I had worn and photographed both of these alone previously but sadly they were both on the computer when my pictures were lost so I decided instead of just swatching them again I would try something else.

So here was my end result, which is one coat of the Knight and then 2 of Nomad painted on as normal.  I then painted on 2 coats of Stance over Nomad in a diagonal over the nail.  I then used my Andrea Fulerton Dot and Flick tool in Judy to clearly separate the two colours.  Since this was done freehand it wasn't as neat as I would have liked but this was no where near as obvious in 'real life' as it is in the pictures.  I was also a little hasty with the Shield so there was a little smudging of the black.

Anyway, now to the photos.

I love these two shades together, and would have happily worn these for days, if it wasn't for a nasty chip I got while preparing my room for painting.  Clearing out and decorating is just not good for my nails.....

Both of these polishes can be purchased directly from the Illamasqua site here for £13.50.

I hope you like this combination and thanks for looking <3

The products in this post were sent to me for review.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nails Inc Spitalfields - Fishnet Magnetic

Nails Inc have recently brought out a new line of 3 magnetics, with a fishnet design, Soho which is Chrome, Picadilly which is Gold and Spitalfields which is Emerald.

Today I have for you the Emerald Fishnet Magnetic polish, Spitalfields.

For those of you not familiar with the technique for Magnetic polish here is a guide:
Step 1 - apply one coat of base coat
Step 2 - apply one coat of magnetic polish to all nails. Leave to dry.Step 3 - apply one thick coat of polish to one nail. Immediately hold magnet over nail whilst polish is still wet. Hold the magnet very close to the nail and ensure that the magnet is the same distance away from the nail - the lid has a handy lip to place at your cuticle to help with this part.  Hold magnet for a few seconds. Remove to reveal design. *repeat this step on all nails, one at a time*Step 5 - finish with one coat of top coat

And here is the finished result, I was happy with the outcome using the above guide and only had one incident where the magnet bumped my nails and had to be redone.

This is one coat of the Knight, 2 of Spitalfields and no top coat.  I have found with some magnetics if you put a top coat on too quickly this seems to smudge the design a little, but I added top coat a while later and did not notice this happening.

I was really happy with how this turned out, and managed to wear this for 2 days without chipping, and to be honest if I hadn't been gutting out my spare room it probably would have lasted a little longer.

You can buy this polish from the Nails Inc Official site here for £13.

Thanks for looking and feel free to leave me a comment with your opinion on this new magnetic <3

This product was sent to me for review.