Friday, 24 May 2013

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection

I have for you all today something I am so excited to show you.....the latest a-england collection based on the Edward Burne-Jones series of paintings named The Legend Of Briar Rose

I had seen the previews of this collection and they are even more stunning once you see them in person.  I could hardly contain myself when I seen the a-england packet as I got home from work and had to show them to you right away.

This collection is made up of five polishes, four of which I have to show you today, the fifth has been delayed for a few weeks.

I still have to swatch these properly but for now here are some quick group bottle shots.

1 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection bottle shots 1

2 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection bottle shots 2

Here is a shot of Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty).

3 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection - Briar Rose (sleeping Beauty)
Here is a shot of Sleeping Palace.

4 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection - Sleeping Palace

Here is a shot of Fated Prince.

5 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection - Fated Prince

Here is a shot of Rose Bower.

6 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection - Rose Bower
Lastly, I couldn't resist getting some very quick swatches, each will have it's own post as soon as I can.  Each is 2 coats of the polish without topcoat.
From left to right we have Fated Prince, Sleeping Palace, Rose Bower and Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty).

7 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection quick swatch 1

And below from left to right we have Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), Rose Bower, Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince.

8 AE Byrne-Jones Dream Collection quick swatch 2
Thanks for looking and I cannot wait to show you the collection in all its glory.
For now you can order these shades by emailing
Thanks for looking <3
Products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. Can't wait to see full swatches of these! Briar rose looks gorgeous, as do the rest!

  2. Gorgeous! I just scored Sleeping Palace cannot wait :)

  3. My two bottles have despatched. :)

  4. I've just painted my nails with Sleeping Palace and it is completely beautiful !!!


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