Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I had this whole blog thing planned out, and was going to try and do at least one swatch post a week, which seemed easiest to do at the weekend, and was all going to plan, until my current top coat has decided to make all my polishes bubble and nothing will remedy it........  

Due to this, I am currrently wearing my polish without a top coat, which looks ok on the nail (especially with a-england ones as they are super glossy) but I would rather a top coat for photo purposes.

So, as a result of this I am planning on buying a-englands 'The Shield' on Thursday so will hopefully get it over the weekend to try my first swatch post......

Watch this space :p

Sunday, 17 July 2011

First Post and my new obsession

Ok, this blog thing is an idea I have been toying with for a while but unsure how to start, seems safest to go with, my name is Rebecca and I love Nail Polishes.

I have been using and collecting Nails Inc polishes for a number of years now but the polishes that really put the need to share in my head was a-england.

This brand is my new obsession so it makes sense for my first post to be about them.  The colours and application of these are second to none and their creater, Adina Bodana, is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

Her collection is called 'The Mythicals' and each polish is named after a significant person in Arthurian Legend.

I bought my first a-england polish (The Lady of the Lake) in June and my collection has since grown to 8 and am looking forward to getting the other 7 shades from it and also the top and base coat.

For now, here is a picture of my collection to date and I will try and get my first swatch post done of these soon.

From left to right:

Holy Grail, The Lady of the Lake, Tristam, Morgan Le Fay, Perceval, King Arthur, Avalon and Galahad.

Link to a-england Official Website