Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hits Hefesto

Today I have for you another holographic polish, can you tell I am really loving these right now.

The one I have picked for today is Hits Hefesto which is a silver linear holo polish, which is designed as a top coat but also looks so pretty alone, so firstly I will show you it that way.

Here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Hefesto and 1 of the Shield.

Now, as Hefesto was designed as a top coat, I decided to layer it over a silver to see the effect, I chose a-england Excalibur and was so happy with the result.

This is 1 coat of the Knight, 1 coat of Excalibur, 1 coat of Hefesto and 1 coat of the Shield.

Would it be wrong to want to wear Hefesto over every polish from now on???  It is just so pretty <3

Again the polish can be bought from the wonderful Llarowe, so check her website out or even go on Facebook to see some lovely pictures of all the polishes Leah Ann has available.

The Hits polish was sent to me for review, all other items purchased by me.


  1. Stunning! So delicate and works perfectly with Excalibur! Your pictures are always amazing!

  2. These two look lovely together :) From the pictures it looks like they really belong together :)

  3. Thank you all for your lovely comments, and Leah Ann and Marie, it seemed like a perfect match up to me too <3 xxx

  4. I love this, I'm ging to have a christmas shopping spree At Leah Ann's shop, and I love it over Excalibur, it really makes the holo stand out. xx

  5. Thank you Esther, and I have already said to my Husband I want some of Leah Anns polishes for Xmas, cannot wait!! xx


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