Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly

I have an amazing polish for you today that I got from the lovely Leah Ann of Llarowe.  I received an outstanding parcel today full of beautiful looking polishes but Lizard Belly was first on my list to try, but I must admit it was a hard decision to narrow it down.

Lizard Belly is a deep green linear holo polish, which goes on smooth and there were no issues with application at all.  I can't comment at all on wear yet as I have only just put this polish on about an hour ago but couldn't hold off sharing it.

This is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Lizard Belly, and 1 of the Shield.

I know, right, what a beauty!  I cannot wait to try some more of these polishes!!

You can buy this and other Glitter Gal polishes (9ml) from Llarowes website, which is based in the US but does ship Internationally, shipping is fairly quick, my package was sent on 20 October and I received it today.  Llarowe also stocks some other amazing polishes including - my favourites - a-england as well as Ozotic, HITS and Picture Polish and Leah Ann is such a sweetie too <3 

Thank you for looking and feel free to leave me a comment xx

This product was sent to me for review.


  1. this one is definitely on my wish list ... we need someone to stock this in the UK!

  2. Awesome name for an awesome polish!! It looks like glitter almost but its holo.... genius!! That is amaazing! Gotta get me some if that next time im round!!! fi x

  3. That would be great Linda but until then I will be buying from Leah Ann for sure, prices are great, and from what I hear shipping is reasonable too xx

    And I am glad you like it Fi, I suppose I can let you try it next time you are round, since you let me borrow your Illamasqua polishes :p <3 xx

  4. I just was able to order this polish after lemming after it for a while! I can't wait to get it in the mail, hopefully this week! Great swatches!

  5. Oh wow! What a stunner!!!!! :D :D I can see why you like this one so much!!

    Did you receive any Ozotic polishes? I really like the look of some of their multichrome polishes in the pictures I've seen :)

  6. Ahhhh, I LOVE this and have got to add it to my nail polish stash. I wonder how it compares to a Color Club black holo whose name escapes me at the moment. Who cares! I have GOT to have Lizard Belly.

  7. Marketta, thank you and I am glad you finally got it, you will love it even more on your nails than in any pictures you have seen, I know I did. xx

    Marie, thanks and I got a couple of Ozotics but the numbers escape me right now, so keep an eye out for post on them xx

    B, thanks to you too, I don't have any Color Club holos unfortunately so can't compare, but I feel this polish is a must have, lol xx

  8. I lvoe that this is really dark and has holo in it, it's perfect for winter but still very interesting for when there's a bit of sun! Must get! xx

  9. It is sooo pretty Esther, although if I had this on when it was sunny, I might never stop looking at my nails, lol xx

  10. This nail polish is amazing, I just got four from the Glitter Gal website, they ship everywhere. These 3D Holos are such beauties.

  11. Thank you angel, what 4 did you get?? xx


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