Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Nails (times two) featuring Kleancolor, Nails Inc and a-england

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I couldn't decide on just one Halloween mani so decided I would do a post with two ideas I had.......

Kleancolor Metallic Orange with Nails Inc Camden Crackle

The first one me and my friend Fi came up with while trying to plan her nails,  we wanted an orange base with black crackle, simple but striking and very halloweeny.

I decided a shiny or shimmery orange base was more what I was looking for than a creme orange, and since I hadn't used Kleancolors Metallic Orange yet that was the best choice, and I will show you it without the crackle first.

Here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the polish and no top coat.

Then I added one coat of Nails Inc (black) Camden crackle and 1 coat of the Shield.

And here is my second idea...

Nails Inc Floral Street and a-england Camelot with Spiders

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate spiders, even these little stickers on my fingers creeped me out a bit.

But as it is Halloween I soldiered through, again I wanted to keep things simple, so monochrome seemed the way to go.

The sheet of stickers I wanted to use had mainly black spiders and a few white so I done 4 nails with Nails Inc Floral Street and 1 nail with a-england Camelot and put the opposite coloured spiders on each nail.

I will not show you Floral Street or Camelot alone as I have already done this here and here.  So this is 1 coat of the Knight then 2 coats of each polish with the stickers placed on top and then 1 coat of the Shield to seal it all.

I hoped you liked my halloween nails and please feel free to leave me a comment <3


  1. I love both of these Rebecca, not keen on spiders myself but these are cute! and really like the crackle together with the orange, the shimmer on the Kleancolor really makes it pop. xx

  2. Thank you Esther, spiders just give me the creeps :s

  3. These are both really cool! I love the orange and black crackle combination and the spider mani looks really striking! :D

    I bought the NI Serena set and I just thought I'd tell you that I love the topcoat! I've swatched it over a-england Elaine and the blue flakies are coming out a mixture of violet and blue over it. Certainly on this base colour (and in the image on the box) it's more understated than topcoats in the Blair and Lily sets, but because of the colour it might just be my favourite!! I imagine Elaine might be helping making it more violet than it would be over black... so maybe I'll go back to prefering the topcoat from the Blair set when I try it over black and the purple goes. I think it's a shame they've chosen to sell it with Black Taxi rather than with something like Covent Garden (the navy black from the same collection as the Blair and Lily polishes) I tried to take a picture, but certainly on my phone the violet is just coming out electric blue and the colour of Elaine is all wrong as well so I've admitted defeat! The promo pictures are probably pretty accurate though :)

  4. Thanks Marie and thanks for the info on the Serena set, I think I am going to get it at somepoint. Might have been better, as you say, with another base but I think it'll be worth it anyway. I really like how blue the overglaze topcoat looked and even better if it has violet in it too. xx

  5. The violet might just be coming from Elaine being purple (or the lighting in here......) but if it's the base colour I do like how different ones can make the flakies look slightly different colours.

    I didn't realise I'd written such an essay in that last comment!!!

  6. It is probably a combination of all of those things, and that's ok, don't worry about it :) xx

  7. Wow! The spiders are so cool! Love the 3D effect! The other mani is great too. I think it's the perfect Halloween look if you're not into nail art.

  8. Thank you Mihaela, I am not that great at the nail art so simple is normally best for me <3 xx


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