Sunday, 16 October 2011

a-england Lancelot

Today I have for you a-england Lancelot.  This is described on the a-england website as 'the blackest red' which is completely accurate as this is not an almost black colour, this is a black polish with a very slight hint of red to it.  I love it as it seems to give the polish slightly more depth.

It is also no different from other a-england polishes in the fact that the formula is amazing, it is completely opaque in 1 coat and has no streaks.

This is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the polish, and 1 of the Shield.

In case you are wondering how this compares to Camelot, I have also included a quick comparison for you.  I will say here that they are very similar but I am happy to own both as the slight hint of red makes all the difference for someone who loves dark polishes.

I borrowed the swatches and names to label the colours from the a-england website (hope you don't mind Adina) <3

This is 2 coats of each with 1 coat of the Shield and the bottle I am holding is Lancelot.

Hope you like and feel free to leave me a comment <3 xx


  1. Lovely sa ever Rebecca,I'm intrigued by the red black, I really cac't wear a straight forward black just doesn't suit me. Thats why i tend to do for much darker nearly black. Oh dear another one to get!!! xx

  2. Thanks chicky, and sorry to add another to your list but you do really need to try some a-englands <3 xx

  3. mmmmmm, you're reminding me how much I love Lancelot!!!

  4. I love it too, and even more cos it was the one that completed my collection <3 xx


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