Monday, 10 October 2011

Urban Decay Cult

Urban Decay Cult is a polish is used to own many years ago.  I got rid of this as I wasn't using it as often as my others, but since my collection has grown, I have realised there is a lot of polishes I don't use very often, but they all get used eventually and it is always nice to have them there if you ever want them.  So off to ebay I went as for some reason Urban Decay stopped making their larger bottles of polish and ebay is the only place to find the full size now.  I ended up with this one, and a few others which I will show you another time.

Cult is a lovely darkish aqua green colour with blue and gold shimmer through it.  This was 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the polish and 1 of the Shield.

Thanks for looking and as you may have noticed I am trying to do a post each day in October, are you enjoying the more frequent posts so far or is it too much polish (if there is such a thing)  Leave a comment to let me know your opinion <3 xx


  1. Love this colour, they are hard to find though, Good old ebay!

  2. Thanks Esther, there seems to be a few of this one on ebay, but some of the other colours are few and far between :( xx

  3. How do you actually find the Urban Decay polish? I'm a total Urban Decay junkie but I've never tried their polish as a friend told me they're not actually very good and aren't worth the money...

    I don't think it's possible to have too much polish ;)

  4. I got some (it was only 4 :p) on ebay recently, and they weren't overly expensive, I love Urban Decay too so am happy to have the polishes back.

    As I said above I had this one and another one called Bruise a few years back and never really had any issues with them, I have still to try the other 3 I got recently though. xx


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