Monday, 17 October 2011

Nubar Moon Shadow

I have for you today another of the Nubar duochromes, Moon Shadow, Nubar seem to only have one on their website called Moon Eclipse but they are the exact same polish, just seems the name has changed.  I found this out the hard way when I ordered both.

This one is an amazing duochrome and on the site I got it from it was described as a 'rich berry that shifts to deep brown and bronze with hints of pink, burgundy and green' I could see all of these colours on the nail when I was wearing this one.

The main berry colour of this polish is amazing in itself so even without the duochrome I know I would love this one, but the duochrome just makes it even more amazing.

This is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the polish, and 1 of the Shield.

Sorry about the amount on pictures of this one, I couldn't narrow it down as thought they all showed the different colours very well.

Thanks for looking <3


  1. I keep meaning to buy this but had read about the name confusion, now its sorted thankyou Rebecca! This looks so pretty, my kind of colour, I love reddy browns and purples. Yummy!xx

  2. I noticed when I was looking at possibly buying some more Nubars that the online store I was in had both and the descriptions were even different?! I might have done the same as you if I hadn't decided that I really shouldn't be buying more

    Mmmm, anyway, this looks lovely!!!

  3. Thanks Marie and yep, different name, pictures and descriptions but same polish, not a happy camper :(

  4. Did they let you return it?!? Was it Beauty Bay? I know you'd probably opened it, but it's the same polish with two names and different descriptions and pictures on their website making it look like a different polish. (I guess they'll blame Nubar for changing the name)

  5. I don't like naming names but since you asked, it was. I didn't actually open it as I seen as soon as I took it out of the bubble wrap that it was the same polish. I am in the process of trying to come to a resolution with their customer service about it, will let you know how it goes xx

  6. Oh, no, I wasn't asking to try and blame them, I was just curious who you had purchased your selection from in case I changed my mind about buying some! i'm trying to resist as I already have more than I can realisticly wear, but they're all so pretty ;) The new A Englands will be purchased though, they can't be resisted!!!! ;) Good look with getting something back x

  7. lol, the other polishes I have bought from them (which have been quite a few recently) have been great though so I would recommend them in that way, and thanks.
    Too right, all the new a-englands will have to be bought as soon as they are out, that is a certainty xx

  8. oh I was wearing Nubar Cherry Cordial a few days ago and it seems quite similar...
    beautiful polish!!

  9. Thank you Nailderella, I don't have that one but have just googled it and it looks so pretty <3 xx


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