Tuesday, 6 September 2011

a-england Camelot with Nails Inc Caviar Glitter

I know I have previously included Camelot in a blog post, but as it was just tips on another mani it didn't really show it off properly.

This is the best black nail polish I have ever owned!  Especially when I was younger, black was my favourite 'colour' of polish, but it was so difficult to find one that applied well and didn't need a lot of coats to get good coverage.

For this post I done 2 coats of Camelot but when wearing this before, I have very easily been able to get away with one, this is a very highly pigmented black polish, but isn't too thick for great application.

So, here is Camelot in all its glory, with 1 coat of The Knight, 2 of Camelot and no top coat. (oh and I might add here, there was no staining when removing this polish!)

I then decided Camelot would be the perfect base to show off my Nails Inc Glitter Caviar top coat.  This is a top coat with very sparse giltter through it, I didn't want a glitter with complete coverage as I wanted to still see Camelot through it.  

I love this as a topper for other polishes as it contains all different colours of glitter (red, blue, green, gold and silver if I am seeing correctly) and it depends what colour you are wearing underneath, which colour glitter is more dominant.......... with the blackness of camelot underneath all of the different colours were shown off.

This is the above mani with 1 coat of Nails Inc Glitter and 1 coat of the Sheild.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a comment <3 


  1. This is beautiful!! I love the touch of glitter!

  2. Camelot looks gorgeous!!! Really, really nice.
    I think this is the first time I've seen the Caviar Glitter as well. It looks really pretty!!

  3. love it ... you obviously change your nail varnish frequently so I cant determine how durable the product is.

  4. Thanks Kirshten, gliiter is always a plus in my books.
    Thanks to you too Marie, I really liked wearing this combo.
    And lastly thanks to Linda, and most of the time I change my nails every day or 2 but with a-england I have worn some manis for 4/5 days (would have probably lasted longer if I hadn't removed it) with just minimal tip wear and no chipping xx

  5. Its Fiona here! I cant seem to post from my computer?? It says im signed out but when i try to sign in... I am signed in! If i try to sign out..... I am signed out?? Weird! But anyway this will not get in my way of commenting your beautiful nails! That black is unreal! was that one coat? And i must get my mits on that glitter top coat! Think this could be my mani for next week :) FABULOUS again xxx

  6. The piccys on here are 2 coats of Camelot but 1 didn't look much lighter :) And until you get your own glitter you can borrow mine :P xx


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