Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nails Inc Candy Shop Collection

Today I have for you the Nails Inc Candy Shop Collection that was released over the summer.

This was one of the new collections that Nails Inc released that caught my eye, and the name 'Candy Shop' kind of sold it for me as previous collections with similar names eg 'Ice Cream' and 'Sorbet' are collections I loved.

There are 3 very nice cream pastel colours in this set (Cambridge, Oxford and Wimbledon) and 1 iridescent colour (Richmond).  I love all 3 of the creams, usual great Nails Inc application and coverage in 2 coats.  Now it is not often I say this about any polish but I do not like Richmond at all.  I feel it does not fit with the rest of the collection, another cream would have been more welcome.  I also do not like the application of Richmond, it is very sheer, I could still see visible nail line with 3 coats.

Anyway, saying that, here is the Candy Shop Collection, all pictures are 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the polish and no top coat.

First I have for you Cambridge which is a very delicate lilac colour.

Next we have Oxford which is a baby blue.

Then we have Wimbledon which is a pale lime.

Lastly we have Richmond, I have only included 1 picture of it in this post as the colour was very hard to capture on camera and I also apologise about the funny colour of my hands in the below picture, my camera just did not like this colour and this was the best one to capture the polish colour accurately.

So if you like pale pastel creams, I would recommend this collection as all 3 of the creams are great.

I hope you like and please feel free to leave a comment xx


  1. I agree with you about Richmond. It really let the rest of the collection down, which is a shame because the rest of the collection are gorgeous

  2. Whew, at least it isn't just me :) The other 3 are so pretty it kind of makes up for it in my opinion, lol xx

  3. Love the pastel cremes! Richmond just does not go well with the other shades. Maybe it would be better layered...

  4. Thank you KayJay, and I was thinking about trying that with Richmond but will see how it turns out, not sure I have much hope for it, lol x


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