Monday, 12 September 2011

Nails Inc The Hills Collection

This is a collection I have had for a while, got it in about 2009 I think, when some season of The Hills was coming out on DVD.

I must confess at this point, I have never seen The Hills (and never really wanted to) but really liked the look of these colours when they came out so got them anyway.......and I am glad I did, all 4 of these colours are ones I have worn on several occasions (yes, even the pink)

I was a bit torn about whether or not to give each polish its own post but I decided I would keep the collection together and 3 pictures for each isn't too much I hope.

All pictures were taken with 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the polish and no top coat.

First we have Beverly Hills, this is a lovely Raspberry red polish.

Next we have Hollywood which is a very bright neon pink, which the camera just would not pick up (but I found if I tilted my laptop screen ever so slightly, I saw it properly)  This one is the main reason I didn't do a top coat with any of the polishes in this collection, as it dries with a semi matte finish and I wanted to show you the difference.

Then we have Melrose Avenue which is a purpley blue colour.

And lastly we have Rodeo Drive, which is a very dark teal.

I hope you liked my first collection post, and it wasn't too picture heavy.

Again thanks for looking and any comments are appreciated.


  1. Your collection post is GORGEOUS! I love those colors so much - what a great set to have.

  2. Thank you, the only thing is, I wish I had kept the box they came in, lol x

  3. Really like Melrose Avenue & Rodeo Drive. Thanks for posting. Great job! Looking forward to more.

  4. Ohh, I think that these look lovely (with the possible exception of the neon pink, although maybe if I saw it in RL and wore it it'd change my mind!) I've never seen The Hills either.. I have no idea what it even is! lol.

  5. Thank you Marie, I do love all these colours, and the pink is on my rather short lists of pinks I love :) lol x

  6. Personally Im not too much of a fan of the pink one..... must be Heidis colour haha love the rest pet! Think I'll have one of these as my next mani :) xx

  7. Haha! You can try one of these out next time I suppose :p

  8. Thank you VERY MUCH, when describing Melrose Ave, not calling it BLURPLE. I *hate* when color words get put together. Blurple, Greige, etc. It's annoying. :)

    All the polishes look awesome!!


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