Thursday, 1 September 2011

a-england Iseult with Nails Inc Islington Crackle

I know, yet another pink, I must be getting girly in my old age, lol.

Today we have a-englands Iseult which is a very pale baby pink, but with a subtle shimmer running through it.  I am not the greatest fan of pinks, but I found this one very wearable.

This is 1 coat of The Knight, 2 of Iseult and 1 coat of The Sheild.

I had this on by itself for a day and then decided to try and see how it looked with Nails Inc Islington Crackle,   I am actually quite pleased with the result.

This is the above mani with 1 coat of Islington and no top coat.

I hope you like my little adventure into the pink world and please feel free to leave any comments.


  1. i would like you to tell us how you manage to get those super photos ... do you have your camera on a tripod? or does someone else take them ....

  2. Thank you for asking, I take them myself Linda, and don't have a tripod or anything xx

  3. That is a very girly and very lovely pink!

  4. Very pretty colour but I prefer it without Islington on top. Iseult would make a fab French with a nice white tip.

  5. Thanks Karen, it is so pretty just by itself :D x

  6. I guess neither of the pinks are proper girly pink so maybe you don't need to worry ;)

    This is an interesting combination! I'd never have thought of it!! It looks good though :)

  7. Haha, girly enough for me I think, but thanks for the reassurance :) And thanks xx

  8. Love the iseult, looks so fab! Very wearable and in keeping with this seasons nude trends!

    Rebecca x -


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