Monday, 29 August 2011

a-england Lady of the Lake

I know, another a-england polish, I can't have that many left to go now, lol.  I have just really been taking pics of the mani I have been wearing, which seems to be a-england almost exclusively these days.

I love this polish though, so without further ado here is Lady of the Lake, which is the purple version of Tristam, and I cannot for the life of me decide which I prefer, maybe Tristam but probably only because he reminds me of his fluffier counterpart, which leads me to me next point.

Taking pictures of to capture the colour of this polish was quite difficult, but for a different reason than usual........

Yes this is my tom cat, Lestat, who was obviously miffed that he wasn't getting the same attention as the nail polish and kept sticking his head in front of my camera.  If it wasn't so cute, it would have been annoying.

Anyways, back to nails, I have first a few pics of Lady of the Lake under natural light, where the purple looks darker and the holo more subtle.

Then a few more pictures under a more direct light where the purple is brighter and the holo particles are dazzling.

Hope you are all loving the a-england polishes as much as I am and again please feel free to leave any comments.


  1. pictures in natural light looks like OPI's My Private Jet.

  2. I've been away for a week, so took me a while to catch up! I love your new page design and nail shape is great! I love the Lady too, but Tristam will always be my first A-England love <3 xx

  3. I don't really have any OPI so can't say about that one Linda, MPJ looks nice in the photos I have seen though.
    Good to have you back Maria, and thanks :)

  4. oh! aren't cats the cutest things!! Our last one like to sit on the paper if you were reading it on the floor :P and he liked to play board games, lol. If you'd been wearing Tristam he might have been even more jealous ;)

  5. Lol, I think thats what it was Marie, he must have seen the other post with Tristams picture and wanted his own in here too :p

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of holos, but this is gorgeous!

  7. I love a-englands holos, cannot wait to get the ones from the new collection when the come out :p


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