Thursday, 11 August 2011

a-england Tristam

This post is about a polish I love love love, I have worn it countless times since I got it at the start of July, and always for a few days each time (which to anyone that knows how I am with my polish, that will say a lot)

This was my second purchase from a-england (preceded only by The Lady of the Lake) and was one of the first ones I was interested in buying, the scattered holo particles in this and the Lady are to die for and I was besotted as soon as I seen them.  Adina describes this on the website as 'night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow' which would sell it to me, even without a picture.  

Anyway, Tristam is a beautiful dark blue with scattered holographic particles through it.  It is lovely in natural light, which will be the pictures I will show you first, but when in direct sunlight (which I had to substitute with my camera flash as the rain is non stop just now) it really comes to life.......  and the fact that it also shares a name with the cutest kitty which makes it extra special........  I couldn't resist putting in a picture of him here, this is the latest one from the a-england Facebook page

Now back to the polish, all pictures are taken using 1 coat of Nails Inc Underground basecoat, 2 coats of Tristam and 1 coat of a-englands topcoat The Shield.

In natural light you can still see the holo, but it is more subtle.......

With flash - which is how the polish looks in the sunshine - the holo is just breathtaking..........

The application of this polish was the great, again it has a thick consistency, but not too thick, and as it is quite highly pigmented 1 coat would have probably sufficed but I went with 2.

As you have probably established I am a little bit infatuated with a-england polishes and cannot wait to get the few more I need to complete The Mythicals collection...................and by the sounds of it this will just be in time for the next collection, which all I really know so far about it is that it will be a new collection, smaller than the Mythicals, and will contain not one but two green holos!!  

It is quite sad how excited this makes me and I cannot wait to see Adinas next stunning additions to the Nail Polish Universe.

Again all current a-england polishes can be bought from the official website for £9 each and here is a link to Tristam.


Oh and for anyone who wants to participate, Adina is running a competition on the a-england Facebook page to win one of the collection, which is running until 26th August.  

How it works - A Polaroid of one of the colours is put up at random and if you 'tag' yourself in this photo you are in for a chance to win this.  I have not participated in this yet as all the colours that have been up for grabs so far are ones I already have but if I happen to be on FB when the ones I don't have get put up, I will be for sure. 


  1. Tristam is so beautiful, I was going to wear Avalon next but maybe..... choices, choices.

    Two green holos?! wow!! I'm so excited about the next collection, but at least the few months wait gives us chance to wear the first collection a few more times

  2. I know, considering the Mythicals is a fairly small collection of polishes (compared to my NI etc) I have so much trouble deciding which of them I want to wear :p

    I really cannot wait for the new collection, the green holos sound amazing, and I am dying to see the other colours and also find out what Theme Adina has chosen......

  3. this is my one and only a england .. and would love to try more .. if only they were available in sets or on ebay ..


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