Wednesday, 24 August 2011

a-england Perceval

There was only actually this other Mani in that folder I found, the rest had been used already, so figured would just post it just now and then go with new, shorter nailed pictures from here.

This post is a-england Perceval, this is a beautiful red polish and, like Avalon, it feels like it glows when you are wearing it.  It is a true shimmery rich red colour and as far as red shimmers go, this is my favourite.

As usual 1 coat Underground, 2 coats Perceval and 1 coat The Shield.

Perceval can be bought from a-englands website (a-england perceval) and is also their 'Gem of the Month' for August :) x


  1. This is absolutely my favourite red of it's type as well in terms of depth of colour, gloss and application (and I do love red metallic/shimmer polishes, I seem to have collected a few)

  2. It is one of the prettiest colours Ashley x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. I want it!


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