Saturday, 27 August 2011

a-england Excalibur and King Arthur

I finally got Excalibur, and I am not sure why this was one of the ones I waited so long to get, I think it is due to the fact I already have quite a few silvers, but this is the best silver I have for sure, this is a foil finish and did not seem streaky to me going on, as I find can sometimes be a problem with foils.

First I will show you Excalibur by itself, this is 1 coat of a-england basecoat (The Knight) 2 coats of Excalibur and 1 coat of the Sheild.

I love this polish by itself but couldn't help but thinking how nice it would be to match up King Arthur with his sword......

Which led to a tape mani....

This is 1 coat of King Arthur over the above.

I love this combo and will maybe even try other tape mani designs with these two polishes.

Hope you like and please feel free to leave any comments xx


  1. ohhh Rebecca, I love the tape mani! Great as always!

  2. eye catching and striking. Did you find both of these the same texture and quality as Tristam? Linda

  3. Thanks Linda, I have found all of the a-england polishes to be very easy to apply and of the same quality and all polishes so far have been 1 coat or 2 at most to get complete coverage. Hope this helps xx

  4. That's a really pretty combination!! I love it!! Do you have NI Cambridge Terrace?

  5. I do Marie, haven't tried it out fully yet but it seemed to have a more glittery looking finish than Excalibur when I swatched it xx

  6. I never explained why I was asking the question, lol. But, yes, I'm planning on buying Exalibur anyway, but I guess I was worried it would be the same (although it might encourage me to remove Cambridge Terrace from my stash, lol ;) I have also only swatched it but I wasn't overly impressed..)

  7. I figured it was something like that, lol. They are similar but quite different too if you know what I mean but if I could only chose one it would be Excalibur for sure xx


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