Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nails Inc Camden Lock with a-england Merlin Accent Nails

This post combines my long time polish love, Nails Inc and my new love a-england.

I started with a Nails Inc Camden Lock mani, this polish is a deep royal blue colour which would be great if it stopped there but this also has blue, and I am sure also hints of purple glitter running through it.

This polish colour was so hard to capture on camera, all pictures were taken in natural light.

First I will show you picture of Camden Lock on its own, this is 1 coat of Nails Inc Underground Basecoat, two coats of Camden Lock and 1 coat of a-england The Shield.

Now here is the same mani with a-england Merlin over the top of the thumb and pinkie nails.

And lastly, a picture of both bottles, you can see the purple tinge to Camden more in the bottle than on the nail.

Thank for looking and please feel free to leave any comments.


  1. just love the quality of the photos as well as the nails!

  2. Thank you Linda, I am fairly new to the photography thing so I am glad you like them :) x

  3. I agree the pictures are brilliant and the nails look amazing!!! I've still not used my Camden Lock even though it was one of te ones I was most excited about when receiving the April TSV...I was trying to save it up but I keep buying more so new use it.. :S Maybe now I've seen the pictures I'll be moving it up the queue!!

  4. Aw thanks Marie! You should really try it, so pretty on and not as difficult to remove as I was execting with the glitter through it :p


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