Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Illamasqua Baptiste

Today we have Illasmasqua Baptiste, an absolutely stunning dark purple shimmer.

Under normal light the shimmer is not very apparent but under light it almost glows.  The third picture shows how it looks under dimmer light.  I absolutely love this polish and cannot wait to wear it again.  As with the other Illamasquas I have tried, application was great, smooth and opaque in 2 coats.

Here is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of Baptiste and 1 of the Shield.

Thanks for looking xx

This product was sent to me for review.


  1. i tried to bid on one in ebay .. and much to my disappointment and also shock .. they refused to post to Northern Ireland. Now that I have seen your photos, am even more determined to get one somehow!

  2. This looks like a nice polish :) The colour looks nice and I like the look of the shimmer

  3. This is gorgeous! Hope you are doing well and recovering from the surgery!xx

  4. Thank you Linda, hopefully you will get one soon, I have seen this colour on ebay a few times. xx

    Tank you Marie, I really loved this one, I seem to be loving the whole subtle shimmer thing right now xx

    And thank you too Mihaela, I seem to be on my way now <3 xx


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