Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nubar Jeans Collection - Faded (Polka Dot) Jeans

Today I have for you the first polish from the Nubar Jeans Collection, Faded Jeans.

I was originally just going to do a post with all 3 of the Jeans polishes but decided each one deserved its own and it gave me an excuse to use my Polka Dot polishes again......

I think Faded is my favourite of the Jeans, it is a gorgeous pale, icy looking blue which also has a subtle light blue shimmer running through it, I wish all 3 of the Jeans had this shimmer as it is what really makes Faded the standout of the collection.

First I will show you Faded alone.  This is 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the polish and no top coat.

Then I used the Polka Dot collection, also by Nubar, you can see these over black and white here but here I have layered them over Faded Jeans.

On the pointer we have 1 layer of Polka Dot White, on the middle we have 1 layer of Polka Dot Black and on the ring we have 1 layer of each, and then one coat of the Shield over all.

White did not show up very well on Faded, but I really liked it with the Black and there is something I absolutely love about wearing both together.

I will get the others from the Jeans Collection up shortly so you can decide about which you like best.  Thanks for looking <3

The Polka Dot Collection was sent to me for review, the Jeans Collection was purchased by me.


  1. Looking forward to the rest Rebecca, know someone off to US soon so will hopefully be stocking up on these Nubar, if they can get them! I really love the Polka Dots too. I like the way the light catches the lighter dots, adds interest subtly. xx

  2. This is a gorgeous blue! Love the subtle shimmer in it. Of course it's just amazing with both polka dots over it.

  3. Sweet! I wish they sold them individually over here as this is the one I would like but not the darker blues. Those don't always work well with my skin tone.

  4. I like the white/black polka dots together as well.

  5. Thank Nail glue xx

    And thank you Esther, I got my Nubar Jeans on ebay, and they weren't that pricey to be honest,

    Thank you Mihaela, the shimmer is what I love about this polish <3 xx

    And I agree Susan, and thank you. I gor mine on ebay and the seller sold them in the set but there were individual ones there too xx

    Thank you as always Shannara, I love your comments <3

    And thanks to you KayJay, I can't get enough of those little dots <3 xx

  6. Your nails are so pretty! I love your blog!

  7. The shimmer in this one is very pretty :D Very nice :)


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