Saturday, 24 December 2011

a-england Holy Grail, Perceval and Merlin

Wow whee! I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve already, hope everyone is feeling festive by now......

Before I start I would like to say a big Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Fi, you have seen the Illamasqua polishes she has 'let' me borrow on here before and I think she is actually my only friend who I see in 'real life' who reads my blog so I hope she has an amazing birthday and gets spoiled <3

Anyway, back to why you are all here, nail polish!!

I have for you today my first attempt at nails to match my Mums red and gold Christmas theme.  Of course a-englands were the first ones I thought of for red (Perceval) and gold (Hold Grail) but I decided Christmas also needed glitter so Merlin was picked too.  I wanted to try some kind of combo with them that I hadn't tried before, I was originally going to try a half moon mani, but decided on Ruffian at the last minute as thought it might be easier for me to freehand.

My idea for this didn't work just as I had hoped but I loved the colour combo so thought you guys would want to see, and if I try it again I will try to remember to take photos at each stage to show you.

I started with 1 coat of the Knight, then 1 coat of Holy Grail all over the whole nail, after this had dried I done 1 coat of Perceval but started up a bit further than the cuticle, but still (tried) to follow the same shape, then the same with 1 coat of Merlin and then a coat of the Shield to finish it all off.

And here was the end result.....

So the lines aren't as neat as I would have liked but I do like how the colours go together........what are your thoughts on this?  Yay or nay?? 

Thanks for looking <3 xxx

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