Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nails Inc Heavy {Holo} Metals Collection

I have already shown you the Heavy Metals collection alone, but here they are again and they are now made holo thanks to Nails Inc Electric Lane holographic top coat, which creates a scattered holo effect.

I got my Electric Lane a few weeks ago but had not had a chance to use it yet, and when I was wearing the Heavy Metals I thought the holo over the metallic might have a nice contrast.

All pictures were taken using 1 coat of the Knight, 2 of the Heavy Metal, 1 of Electric Lane and 1 of the Shield.

First here is Downing Street.

Next we have Old Park Lane.

Lastly we have Regent Street.

I love the effect Electric Lane creates, the scattered holo particles create a rainbow of colours even in lower lighting.

The Heavy Metals collection and the Electric Lane top coat can both be purchased from the Nails Inc website.

Thank you for looking. xx

The Heavy Metals Collection was sent to me for review, Electric Lane was purchased by me.


  1. This looks really nice over Downing Street and Regent Street. I don't know if I'd have thought to try it.

  2. Thanks Marie, They just happened to be what I was trying when my Electric Lane came, can't wait to try it over other colours though, its pretty <3 xx

  3. Electric Lane looks lovely and blings up any polish.

  4. Thank you jazzqueen, it is a great way to spice up a colour, can't wait to use it more xx


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